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Stills from the Set


Jesse on the set of "Jesse's Big Movie."

Jesse perfecting one of his favorite pastimes.

Jesse being interviewed for his Family Shorts

Jesse's sister Jillian

Jesse and his good friend Andrew about to perform in the school play Footloose together.

Tom Kurlander directing "Jesse's Big Movie."

Family Shorts was there to catch Jesse starring as Ren in his Middle School play Footloose.

Jesse's mom Lynn being interviewed for Jesse's Big Movie.

Jesse's sister Rosi with his dad Steven

Jesse's grandpa Larry being interviewed for
'Jesse's Big Movie'

Jesse's sister Jillian being interviewed for Family Shorts

Jesse's mom Lynn preparing for her Family Shorts interview


Jesse's father Steven being interviewed for
'Jesse's Big Movie'

On the set with Family Shorts

Scott and Dad

Bear and Auntie Heidi

The essential Pale

The Weitz Family

Scott and Heidi

Pale's first snow

Getting ready for the move

Dr. Harold Weitz
in the kitchen at the house party

Heidi's Green Dinasaur

Scott with Shirley in the new living room

Bear with Gramama

Gathering in the new living room

The Den


Squirrel Hill

Mrs. Shirley Weitz

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